MARLOUNSLY (pronounced Mar-loon-slee) is a singer/song-writer born in Haiti and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida. At the age of four her family arrived to the United States, leaving Port-Au-Prince. Marlounsly learned English by remembering the songs on the radio, her mother was shocked at how fast she had learned the language and how beautiful her voice was. By the time she reached high school, she took chorus and that was her favorite class. In 2016, she put her doubts to rest and dedicated herself to her art. Marlounsly began writing some of the most beautiful pieces. Her intimate and polished lyrics capture the audience because she projects an angelic and authentic sound. She brings a breath of fresh air to the rising R&B Culture today. Since her first breakthrough single “Therapeutic” in June, 2016 the singer continues to thrive. Her project “Naturally Bad” was released November 2018 and people related on genuine level. Being that the message was to be dope with or without accommodation, the singer expressed her vocals and personality. All in the same year, Marlounsly landed a performance at Miami’s Best Life Festival; Where she performed amongst artist such as Ella Mai, H.E.R and Summer Walker.

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